What we do

We have canoeing and kayaking groups for every level of ability from beginners to elite. We offer canoeing for children and also cater for adults canoeists of all ability levels.

We have a comprehensive gym and several boathouses, a range of club boats from Open Canadian Canoes to sprint racing and marathon kayaks for general use. We have a fleet of beginners’ kayaks and canoes as well as all the necessary canoeing equipment you’ll need – buoyancy aids, paddles and so on. All you need is the appropriate clothing and a deal of enthusiasm!

You can read about our history elsewhere. But as for the types of canoeing we have at the club, it’s varied. Predominantly we specialise in flat water competition – so sprint and marathon. But we’ve also had a great deal of success in downriver (whitewater racing) canoeing. And outrigger canoeing too. Slalom, it’s fair to say, is not our bag and we don’t have the coaching or technical expertise – but there are plenty of other clubs in the area which do and we’d be happy to point you in their direction.

Come and check us out – we’re always pleased to see prospective new members!