What do I wear?

During the summer months lightweight clothing is best. Lycra paddling/running/cycling shorts are worn by most paddlers and a relatively close-fitting shirt is generally sufficient. There is always the possibility of a change in conditions however so packing something a little warmer is never a bad idea. Heavy, absorbent clothing should be avoided no matter the season.

During the colder winter period a lot of training will move indoors to the gym and paddling/rowing machines. However, winter paddling equipment generally consists of paddling shorts or leggings, one (or more) thermal polypropylene tops (also known as Hellys or Crafts), a wind-proof cag or gillet and a warm hat.

What do I need to provide?

When getting started all you’ll need to bring is clothes to paddle in, a change of clothes and a towel. The club provides buoyancy aids, boats and paddles.

Will I fall in?

Let’s just say you should make peace with the possibility. You’ll be wearing a buoyancy aid and will be closely supervised so there’s absolutely no need to worry.

Do I have to be able to swim ?

Being able to swim is important though buoyancy aids will be provided.

I wear glasses, what happens if I fall in?

There’s a good possibility that your glasses will come off and be lost if you fall in. You should either attach them with a strap or use contact lenses when paddling.

How do I progress?

Your progression as a paddler is entirely up to you. Members range from social paddlers to international-level competitors and all are equally welcome. If you choose to progress and begin racing, there is plenty of support and coaching infrastructure as well as groups of various abilities. We encourage Royal members to race, helping to further the success and reputation of the club and its members.