Beginners / Taster Sessions

Junior induction course

  • For more information about free taster sessions for juniors aged 11 – 17 yrs, please see our Junior beginners course flyer.
  • If you are keen to continue paddling after your taster sessions, you can attend our 3-week junior induction course. This is held on Saturdays at 9am, and the course costs £40. Please arrange your course by emailing Ryan at:
  • Following the induction course, you will then be invited to join the club. We offer sessions on Wednesday at 6.00pm and Saturday at 10.30am. Read more about junior membership.

Adult taster sessions – These sessions are typically for people 18yrs and older

  • Get started with a taster session. These typically run at 9am on Saturdays throughout the year. It may also be possible to arrange a session at another time. A taster session is £25 and will last about 1.5 hours.
  • To arrange your session please email Peter Stratford

Adult social paddling group

  • Once you have learnt all the essentials from the adult taster sessions and have become a member, there is an adult’s social paddling group that you are more than welcome to join if racing isn’t your thing.
  • This group typically goes out on a Saturday morning, very occasionally Sunday mornings and during summer months on occasional weeknights.
  • Speak to Peter at the taster session for more details.

NOTE: If you are an experienced paddler who would like to join Royal, please contact the club captain Tristram Turner and/or the vice captain Finlay Hogan to discuss your options.

What to wear

  • You need to be able to swim in clothes. There is only a small chance of ending up in the river, but you need to be at peace with the possibility!
  • You should wear clothes that allow you to move freely and that you don’t mind getting wet. If it’s rainy or breezy then you might appreciate a light windproof top.
  • If you have some non-bulky shoes that you don’t mind getting wet then that can be useful.
  • Please wear the appropriate clothing. If sunny please use sun-cream, wear a hat, and sunglasses (ideally on a string so you don’t lose them in the water!)


  • Some people will go out in any weather but taster sessions are best in reasonable weather. We can always rearrange a taster session if the weather is bad. Just let us know in advance.
  • Please wear the appropriate clothing. If sunny please use sun-cream, wear a hat, and sunglasses (ideally on a string so you don’t lose them in the water!)

Changing facilities

  • The clubhouse has changing rooms and showers so bring a change of clothing and a towel.
  • As with any activity on a river or lake, you should wash your hands after going on the river.
  • There are lockers to keep your valuables in – you will need to bring your own padlock for these. If you haven’t got a padlock, the coach may be able to store these in a locker for you.

Medical conditions

  • Let the coaches know of any medical conditions that might be relevant.

Safety policy

Our safety policy is available here: RCC Safety Policy

And you can also view British Canoeing’s Coaches and officials code of conduct, Code of conduct for parents and carers, and Changing room guidance here: British Canoeing Safety Policy

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