Junior Overview

Information for new junior members

All junior beginners must complete a 3 week Introductory Course. These are held at 9.00am on Saturdays and cost £40 for 3 sessions. Please arrange these by emailing Ryan at: juniorcoaching@royalcanoeclub.com

If you decide to join, then there are 2 fees that need to be paid.

  • A TWC (Teddington Watersports Centre) fee is paid annually for use of the site. This is currently £135 for junior members.
  • Monthly coaching subscription fees are £39, payable to the Royal Canoe Club. Juniors who have completed the Introductory Course will be able to attend a minimum of four coached sessions each week. Sessions are on Wednesdays at 6.00pm, Fridays at 5.00pm, Saturday mornings at 10.30am and Sunday mornings at 9.00am (unless there is a race – in which case they will normally be expected to race).
  • Coaching subscriptions are due on the first of every calendar month.
    NOTE: Coaches will advise about progression to the next level. This is based on a ‘handicap’ criteria.

To join, you will need to visit the RCC Membership Site.

This will enable you to sign up for membership and pay membership fees.

The club would actively encourage parents or guardians to become social members of the club. The fee is £45 annually. Details below:

  1. Access to the clubhouse where tea, filter coffee and cake is served on a Saturday. Dinner is served on a Wednesday after the 6pm session.
    b. An invitation to all club socials.
    c. Information on upcoming races and events.
  2. Access to the parents WhatsApp group.
    e. Subject to availability, the opportunity to hire the venue for private functions.

All communication for sessions, races and events is via emails.

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