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You are very welcome at Royal Canoe Club!

Whatever type of canoeing you practice, a warm welcome awaits you at Royal. If you have any questions about membership, or would like a taster session, just send an email to

Full membership gives you access to the site, use of the gyms, use of club boats & equipment at any time (in accordance with the club safety policy) novice coaching for adults & full coaching for juniors.  Additional full coaching for adults of all abilities is available as an optional extra.

How the fees work

If you decide to join then there are 2 fees that need to be paid.

  1. A TWC (Teddington Watersports Centre) fee is paid yearly for use of the site and gyms (24 hours), which is used by 4 separate clubs.
  2. Royal Canoe Club membership, which covers canoe / kayak equipment and junior coaching.
  TWC RCC Total
membership Use of club boats *
Adults £195 pa £60 pa £70 pa £325 pa
Juniors (9 up to 18) £135 pa £39 pcm 0 £603 pa **
U23 (18 to 23) £195 pa £39 pcm £70 pa £663 pa
Student (18+) £160 pa £39 pcm £70 pa £628 pa
Family £495 pa £TBC £TBC £TBC pa ***
Social (usually parents of junior members) 0 £45 0 £45 pa

* If you pay to rack your own boat at the club, you can also use club boats

** Juniors members’ fees include full coaching – see below.

*** Covers 2 adults and 2 children below the age of 9, or not wanting to join the Junior coaching programme

Adult members

Adult members can use club boats and equipment at any time within reason, in line with the club safety policy.

Novice adult members can attend taster sessions for no additional fee until you are confident to go out without a coach.  There are then various paddling groups to suit all abilities.  Racing is encouraged but not mandatory!

Technique & fitness coaching for adults of all abilities is available for an optional extra fee.  Please contact the Club Secretary for details.

Junior members

Depending on ability, juniors will be assigned to a training group with access to a minimum of 4 sessions per week.

We encourage at least one parent of junior members to be a social member or a full member.

Social members of the club receive:

  • Access to the clubhouse where Tea, Coffee and Cake is served on a Saturday, and Dinner is served on a Wednesday.
  • An invitation to all club socials
  • Information on upcoming races and events

Find more details for junior members in our Junior Overview information sheet.

Racking of boats

Racking is available for private boats, but there may be a waiting a list. Certain types of boat are harder to rack and space may be limited. For further information connect with Janet Evans on 020 8390 4675 – please inquire regarding racking, with costs depending on whether boats are inside, outside, K1, K2 or Canadian.

Racking costs £65.00 to store a K1 inside.


Download the appropriate application form. Complete and return as per details provided in the form.

TWC application form

RCC Adult Member application form

RCC Junior Member application form