Code of Conduct for senior members

  1. All members must abide by the club safety policy.
  2. Behaviour onsite must be becoming to a Royal Canoe Club member – be polite and courteous to all.
  3. All boats must display a valid Thames Licence or British Canoeing Licence.
  4. Do not remove equipment from club boats nor equipment/boats from site without Harbour Master’s permission.
  5. All equipment failure must be reported to boat repairs –
  6. Incidents on the river must be reported to RCC Committee and an online incident report to British Canoeing completed via their website.
  7. Do not leave wet kit in the changing rooms.
  8. Always change out of wet kit before using club rooms.
  9. Leave the premises tidy and ensure doors are locked and lights switched off.
  10. Keep the galley clean and tidy.
  11. Respect other’s property and do not use without permission.
  12. Only those with TWC permission may stay on the property overnight.
  13. Challenge anyone who may not be a member and ask them to leave.
  14. Challenge anyone who is not respecting the club code of conduct, gym usage or property.
  15. Any complaints regarding a fellow member must be brought to the Commodore’s attention.
  16. Use of motor boats: only for those with RYA level 2 or what the RCC Committee deem to be an equivalent qualification and not to be used for personal reasons. Please read instructions of care and petrol storage.
  17. Subscriptions, rack fees and race fees are to be paid promptly.
  18. Junior Members may only be present on Club premises when accompanied by an adult or the nominated coach for their session.


Further information

Detailed River flow rate (at Canbury Gardens) information can be found at!Detail/1249/1382

Weather forecast information can be found at

British Canoeing’s Safety Resources:

Event Management Safety: