Royal National Report 2019

A fantastic weekend for Team Royal at the end of August! A team of 21 seniors and juniors took to the waters of Holme Pierrepont for the last time this year, and came back with 16 medals!

There were brave performances from all age groups; for some our U14’s and U16’s, this would conclude their first year sprinting, whilst for others they would be concluding their Junior and U23 careers as National Champions.

Team spirit was high across the weekend as everyone turned out to support each other across the races. From something as simple as a “Come on, Royal!” cheer from the bank, to pre-race pep talks, and post-race reflections, we pulled together to ensure everyone was in the position to achieve their best possible results across the weekend.

Huge thank you to all parents, without whom the results we achieved would not have been possible; our incredibly organised TL, Matthew Carter; Base Camp chief Phil Motha; and Beata, whose technical and tactical coaching helped everyone to make considerable improvements, and steps closer towards their goals across the season.

Lastly, a thank you to all the athletes. The dedication, commitment and intent to which you all approach the racing and day-to-day training is fantastic. Enjoy some rest before the winter training, and then let’s get back to work. Here’s to next season!

Araund Montagna took some fantastic photo’s over the weekend, please check out the link below for a real flavour of the weekend:

Link to all photos: Royal National Champions


Full Royal Medal List

Stuart = K1 1000m (1), K1 500m (1), K2 500m (1), K4 500m (2)

Harry = K4 500m (2)

Arthur = K4 500m (2)

Zoe = K1 200m (1), K2 200m (1). K4 500m (1)

Edie = K2 500m (2), K4 500m (2), K2 200m (3),

Abi = K2 200m (2), K2 500m (2). K4 500m (3)

Bea = K2 200m (1). K4 500m (1)

Michael = K4 500m (1), K2 1000m (2)

Molly = K2 500m (1), K4 500m (1)

Ellen = K4 500m (1)