Elmbridge Hasler Race Report 2018

With over 35 paddlers down at Elmbridge today, many new paddlers have joined the race game and a big well done to them.

Along with the huge turnout today, Royal took 1st place in:

K1 Div 7 (Finlay Hogan)

K1 Div 8 (Prize To Be Claimed- Nathan Brown)

K2 Div 9 (Florence and Lottie)

Div 6 K2 (James and Peter)

Div 3 (Tim and Tristan)

With a second place for Div 1 (Jonathan K1) and Div 2 K2 (Renee and Lewis) and another K2 coming in at 3rd (Harry and Michael).

A great turnout from everybody and an amazing start to the season with all paddlers doing brilliantly.

Well done to everyone.