Royal win at Tonbridge Hasler

Royal went to Tonbridge Hasler today seated 5 points clear at the top of the regional leaderboard. In fact we only needed no score to guarantee that we finished in the top three, so there was one aim; just one boat needs to make it round. We did that. We managed 6 first place finishers and 8 second place finishers which was more than enough to see us win at Tonbridge.
That means this season Royal has won at Elmbridge, Hastings, Royal, Richmond and Tonbridge. Coming second at Wey and third at Maidstone (an assessment race was also on). Making this year one of our most successful campaigns in recent history and sees us heading off to the Norwich National Hasler finals on September 30.
— Phil Carter
Fighting for position: Abi and Nicole
Junior K2: Bria and Freya